Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Deep Breathing Swimming... Maybe Not!

Tuesday is the normal swim night so I geared my self for a tough swimming set. I had planned to do my normal set of:

50m Drag 50m Stretch 50m Catchup 50m 1 arm - 4 x 100m Freestyle 8 x 50m Freestyle - 100m Pull Buoy - 4 x 100m Freestyle 8 x 50m Freestyle= 1900meters

And I completed my set tonight, I was chuffed but I know my stroke has got alot worse. I decided to do the 100 sets in 3 and 5 strokes, so all my concentration went all on that, so I already knew it was going to be messy. The pool was once again pretty quiet so it was easy-ish to turn my head and not have a mouth full of water as there wasn't much wake in the pool, unlike last week where I pictured myself as one of those deep sea divers with a big pipe hanging out my mouth so I could get some air in my lungs.

I'm going to ask my wife (as she is the swimmer) to do me some more sets so I can concentrate on the simple stuff, which would be my stroke and leave the difficult stuff, which would be different breathing to another day. This time next week I should have hopefully completed a new set and I'm sat here writing about it. I also purchased some new SPD peddles for my bike, I got them fitted tonight, so I need to try them out sharpish. Fingers crossed I can get home early enough to get out for an hour before the night falls one night this week.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 1900 meters

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  1. Nice job on the swimming, it's great to see the progress you're making with it... and hope you manage to get out on that bike


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