Friday, 25 March 2011

Back With The Club Runs...Oh Yeah!

I missed last week club run as I was nephew sitting so I did the set on my own. This week I was back in work and no nephew to play with so I was back running with the club. I definitely work harder when I run with the club runs, as last week was a killer set but I think I could have gone harder, this week on the other hand I gave alot more.

The set was 4 x (4 mins @ 90% HR, 3 mins 80% HR) and then a set of 3 x (90 secs @ 98% HR, 60 secs Recovery) .

The dip in the below chart shows the recovery points, I think its a good sign that my heart rate can recovery quickly in the recovery zones.

This was a brilliant set I thought, the mix of long endurance and short sprints, this works well with running up hills, and as our house is at the top of one im not complaining. It was also great to be back running with a group, I know I enjoy my training but its always good to team up with other runners. The session started in full sunshine, which was a first for me with the club, but by the end the street lights were on and it was like a old session again. I reckon the council have been down on the sly and switched off a few more street lights on the circuit the swine's!

One thing I have noticed recently with my running training, it feels like im running with scrunched up toes, so im feeling a little pain in the front and arch of my foot. Not loads of pain so I cant run, but a little something that wasn't there went I was in old trainers. I'm only noticing it after long runs, 7 miles plus, but in the evenings and when im at home or walking to work I feel a little pain, just like a bruise. I'll have to have a Google to see if there's anything out there on it... unless anyone else knows the answer?

Todays session

Duration 01 01 26
Distance 5.72 Miles
Calories 749
Max HR 174BPM

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  1. I don't know the answer, but I know my friend does the same thing when she runs more than 6 miles... she gets blisters on the ends of her toes from it! Maybe it's a concentration thing!
    Good job on those reps... you were working hard!


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