Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another.. Monster Pyramid Session

This session was a killer last week, the club enjoyed it so much last week they thought we would re run it again! The monster session was:

5x (1min H, 1min R), 1x (2min H, 2min R), 1x (4min H, 4min R), 1x (2min H, 2min R), 5x (1min H, 1min R) H = Hard 95% Max HR R = Recovery 70% Max HR

It was definitely harder this week, but I think my legs are still tired-ish from the weekends half marathon, well im pushing that excuse :) 

It was another lovely day again, beautiful blue sky, but when that sun set it was cold, not a frosty cold but a dewy cold, when I stopped running tonight I definitely felt the chill.

Comparing my same run from last week, I ran 0.01 of a mile further this week, but for some reason I was 19 calories off from last week. This week I burnt 607 in the pyramid session but last week I burnt 626. That's one less tick take for me this week. my pacing was the same as last week averaging 7.53 miles per minute, but there is some difference my laps from last week, see the table below.

 If you click it goes bigger, for all you readers with bad eyesight.

Todays session

Duration 00 55 25
Distance 5.61 Miles
Calories 737
Max HR 180BPM

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