Monday, 21 March 2011

All By Myself.... KM Efforts

I normally meet my elite chums for a quality session tonight but due to my committed nephew sitting I had to go on my own, in Southampton. I didn't mind as I got to go to Monkey world today and it was amazing! If your ever in Dorchester pop in!

Todays session was KM efforts again, I didn't mind as its a cracking turbo session, quick 45 minutes of a hard sprints and then its done for the day. I had run in Southampton common a few times and remembered that they have KM markings on the path so I could kind of gauge the distance of how far I had to run.

There were plenty of people out and about tonight, I definitely didn't feel the park was empty like the other day, I think its made up for the past 2 weeks the amount of runners I saw tonight. I had numerous nodes, waves and thumbs up which is a great change from eh Swansea people. Sort it out Swansea!

I did work hard in the session today, I did feel knackered from the run, but I have run over 20 miles in 3 days, Thank god its a swim tomorrow after a long drive home. The sun shined all the way on my run today, and my shirt was soaking when I got home, I'm still wearing my Underarmour but its the heat gear, so it tend to keep me comfortable even after a hard sweaty run. I can see I worked hard tonight from my HR max was 174BPM.

The dips show the breaks between the sets, these breaks are shows as lap 3, 5, and 7 The first dip is when I got to the common and stopped to plot my routes. Tonight set was warm up 2km warm up, then 3km (1min 30 secs Rest) 2km (1min Rest) 1km (30 secs Rest) and 2km warm down. I normally do my sets in miles but for Mondays I've decided to switch to KM as this seems to standard these days, plus all the races this year I've entered are all in KM so I may switch to them going forward.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 51
Distance 5.94
Calories 823
Max HR 174

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  1. no wonder you feel knackered, that's quality mileage over only 3 days! Great running for someone who's feeling tired too. I've wanted to go to Monkey world for ages, apparently there's one similar somewhere near Stoke up this way, I'll have to try to go!


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