Tuesday, 15 March 2011

1, 3, 2, 1, 1, - A Lovely Set KMs

I'm really enjoying my running and I am now definitely noticing the difference in my speed for the short sharp sessions. The Monday group is a brilliant session for breaking up my training, as it gives me a wide range of sessions and definitely works my quick recovery lung capacity. This is where I have noticed my best-est gains, when I first started I really needed my long rest between speed sets, but now im happy with 30 seconds!

The session today's was 1km warm up, 3km, 30 seconds rest, 2km, 30 seconds rest. 1km, 30 seconds rest, 1km warm down.

We decided to set off at separate times, so we would all finish in the same kind times so we could keep the group together so no one was left behind. The first group left 30 seconds before me, and then the last group 30 seconds behind me. We all agreed the so we all knew where to turn.... Well I thought I knew where to turn, and after me running past the turn point but 200 meters I hear a voice shouting "Martyn, The turn point is here!" so on the 3km I had run an extra 400m, so I had to work a little bit harder to chase down the last group so I didn't miss out on my 30 seconds rest.

You can see (I've boxed) where i have had to kick on to catch the otehrs so my heart rate has going up as im working harder.Its close to a extra 10 beats a minute to chase them down.

The new shoes are working brilliantly its still like running in slippers and a the lock laces are definitely worth it, i thought at first that they may been too loose for me but my feet haven't moved in them so I might start running with no socks to see how that goes so I can work on clipping my transitioning time down. As im off to Southampton the end of the week I need to re-arrange some of my training plan as I'll be training on my own all week as I'll miss the club sessions, I want to try and stay committed to my plan so holiday lie in's may go out the window :(

Todays session

Duration 00 45 17
Distance 5.62 miles
Calories 770
Max HR 181

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