Friday, 4 February 2011

A Windy Speed Session

Last night was a cracking session, even though i struggled. It was a rest day on Wednesday and I think I enjoyed it to much!

It was bloody windy last night and we have a mile section of road where we do the session, one way was definitely going to be a struggle with the gale winds in your face. Why did I have to sit at the front, on my own, thinking about it i should have stayed with the pack and taking someones drag!

The session last night was similar to last weeks, just with 1 extra set. I definitely noticed the 1 extra as on the last 30 seconds sprint i nearly spewed :( But I knew I couldn't give anymore to the cause, which makes it a great work out. the session was 7 x (2min H, 1Min R, 1min H, 30 secs R, 30 secs H, 30 secs R) H = 95% Max HR R = 70% Max HR.

This chart shows the heart rate (in red) and speed (in blue) I found this chart by chance flicking through Garmin connect. If you click on the picture I will make it bigger so you can read it. After looking into the chart the wind hasn't effected my speed which isn't as bad as originally thought.

Today (Friday) is going to be my official rest day going forward,  I only used to complete rest runs during Janothon, which was 3.5 miles so I wont miss that, I hope I can hit my 100 mile target for this month. Off to town tonight to watch the Wales V England, 6 Nations game... Hope Wales win! C'mon Boys!!!!

Todays session

Duration 01 07 00
Distance 6 Miles
Calories  803
Max HR 183

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  1. That picture was me... except without the brolly.. but my cap was nearly enough to aid the wind sweeping me off my feet in a dramatic manner! As it's equally windy today, I'm thinking I'm quite glad I'm resting... kind of!


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