Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Turbo Swim & Home For Footie

Didn't yesterday drag, I looked at the clock and saw 1pm and it felt it stayed they for over 3 hours, 5pm couldn't come quick enough!

Tonight was the swim session, I got home was really up for the swim, as soon as I got to the pool I felt like going home. I don't know why but in the 10 minute drive I had gone from top of the world to the bottom... and I don't know why, so I dug deep and got in the pool.

I decided I was going do as much as I could of the same set I normally do:

100m x catchup
50m x fist
50m x drag

4 x 100m freestyle
8 x 50m freestyle
50m x kick board
50m x pull buoy
4 x100m freestyle
8 x 50m freestyle - I didn't get this far in the 50 minutes

The pool was relatively empty so we had the lane to ourselves, which was a nice change as last week it was rammed full of people who liked to stop and chat. After the 200 meter warm up and the first 400 meters I was getting slower and slower, it wasn't looking good. I had visions of swimming the same speed as the turtle we saw when diving in Antigua, and that was slow because we caught up with it and scratched his back :)

Considering I was meant to have a turbo session and get home for AC Milan vs Tottenham before 7:30 it wasn't looking good on the meterage. Well the time had come for me to get out and get home, it wasn't my finest session but it was a session I will remember, only for the turtle though :)

Todays session
Duration 00 50 00
Distance 1500 meters

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