Friday, 11 February 2011

Today I'm Powered On Coca Cola

Today started early, I had a meeting off site with work today at 9am, so I needed to get up early with my wife so she could drop me off. I normally walk to work but today there was no chance of me walking, Well that is a lie, I could walk it but I was suited and booted and it was raining.

The meeting went on from 9am till 1pm I had to boot up my laptop check my email, see if there is anything important I needed to know and then call office so they can come and collect me.

We did have 1 break in the meeting so I had a choice of grabbing a coffee or a can of coke and I went for the coca cola option. Not the best pre-training beverage but it gave me a kick up the arse I needed to focus on my meeting.

Once it was over the car came to pick me up and I got into the office, I then threw my spag bol in the microwave and scoffed it down, it was just what I needed as I was starving. I was chatting to my colleague in the canteen and I decided to get a drink, not just a ordinary drink.... Another can of coke, it accompanied my dinner lovely. Two cans of coke pre-training! I'm either going to be flying around the session tonight due to the sugar or slow as a snail as I'm burping every 30 seconds...

Well... it wasn't the best of session, but the coke seemed to have not much effect to the training, it didn't stop me feeling tired at the end of the session and it didn't stop the rain from falling on me and getting me wet! :) Damn you coke!

The session was 4 x (1min H, 1min R, 1min H, 1min R, 2min H, 2min R)

Todays session

Duration 00 48 25
Distance 4.89 miles
Calories 656
Max HR 180

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