Friday, 18 February 2011

Ten Sets Was The Killer

Last night was the club session, 10 x 2 minutes 95% max HR and 90 seconds recovery at 70% max HR, I was not looking forward to this set, it was going to be a killer. the past month we have been doing smaller sets but last night it has been coming and I knew it. By the looks of so did the rest of club as we had a very small turn out last night, we had half the group off due to sickness so I hope I've managed to stay clear of it. I managed to complete the first 6 sets with no issues but then, it was like I was dragging a tyre around with me it felt like I had gained a few pounds and someone had jumped on my back. Set 6 to 10 was hard work, plus  my left calve starting to creak...

As you can see on set 5 (step 10) I've stopped to do some stretching on my leg... It didnt help!

I'm having a few issues with my left calve so I'm hoping the sports therapist in the family can help me out, it is affecting my stride and stretching it out is not really helping as Ive got a little stiffness in the calve this morning.

My Garmin is still playing up as now the heart rate monitor isn't fully connecting so I'm going to get some new batteries as I cant remember the last time I changed it and if that doesn't sort it I'll be phoning Garmin to sort it out again.

Todays Session

Duration 00 59 04
Distance 5.30 Miles
Calories 696
Max HR 168BPM

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