Saturday, 12 February 2011

Road Bike Rebel

After my rest day on Friday, Saturday was my planned cycle day. I got out on my old school Raleigh bike for a hard session. I was visiting my parents down the Pembrokeshire coast so I had planned a route along the coast line, and joined some of the Wales Ironman bike route. I have definitely forgot how many hills there were by my parents home! There were 2 killer hills which nearly destroyed me!

Went I took off on my ride, I passed a group of 10 cyclist at the top of the road, I said good morning and kept my head down so they didn't look at me and think, 1 was is he doing, 2 what does he look like and 3 so they didn't feel like they had to ask me to join them.

An hour had passed with some cracking view, I wish I had brought my camera, as I got out the saddle to climb I could see over the hedges and there was the cast line, the surfing swell looking amazing, Thank god I was on the bike and not the board. In the distance I could see a group of cyclist, as they got closer I could see a bright yellow cycle helmet, I'm sure I had seen this earlier, I had it was the group I passed on the way out. The lad at the front recognised me and said "Hello Again" I reckon cyclists are more pleasant than runners as said in the past blogs runner hardly say anything to me!

I really enjoyed the ride and I cant wait for my next session on the bike!

Todays session

Duration 01 42 44
Distance 22.46 miles
Calories 1448
Max HR 169 BPM

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  1. Sounded like a nice ride out, cant beat a Raleigh. I learned to ride on a Raleigh, and had a Raleigh as a vehicle to get me to and from work, in my youth, Many years ago, LOL


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