Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Quality Track Session, But i Forgot My Garmin!

I've been running and using my Garmin for well over 2 years now and I've always used it for its quality tracking etc as it tell me when to speed up or slow down and stop being a lazy git and work harder. The last 2 Mondays I've left the Garmin in the house. Last week I left enough time to turn around and drive home and get it, but last night I had driven past the point of no return so I had to do the set with out it!

When arrived at our meeting point I got out the car and i was about to put on my hat and gloves and stopped, Is this a sign of summer coming? it was quite mild outside so I left the hat and gloves in the car.The last lad turned up and off we went, one of the group suggested me do a track session and we all agreed that it would be kind to the knees and it was a change to the normal routine of coastal path running.

The chosen session was 6 x 1km efforts with 30seconds recovery. We had to make sure that we did the same time for all km efforts, I did my 1st set in 4 minutes, so all my sets had to be that time, which i thought was achievable, until set 4 :) that one was a killer but I still did it in 4 minutes dead, I missed out on the last set and clocked in a 4:01 and I was sure the coach was going to make me do another one as I was late on the 6th set, but he was feeling kind I guess?

Todays session
Duration 01 00 00
400m warm up
6 x 1k efforts off 4 mins (with 30 seconds recovery)
400m warm down

Total 4.22miles

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