Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nobody Smiles Back Anymore

I had a lovely lie in this morning even though it was my turn to get breakfast, toast and tea a lovely combination before a run. I had planned to go out on the bike but after seeing the weather I decided against it, it was blowing a gale and lashing down. I put on my "wind proof" jacket, hat and gloves and off I went. When they wind proof jackets I wonder where they test them as its definitely don't come to Wales. I got to the top of my first hill and I nearly took off, I found my self leaning into the wind so I could stay up and not end  up in the hedge and I didn't want to end up in there as it was brambles!

I felt really good even though I had the wind blowing in my face, I looked at my Garmin and new I was ahead of time so a PB was on the cards.

I didnt meet anyone until I gto about half way, this is where I saw my 1st set of joggers, I always tend to raise my hand, just to say "Hi" to all joggers on route, so today, just like any normal day I did and the rude buggers looked at me and totally ignored me, How rude! About half a mile down th road I passed my 2nd jogger I did the same and not even a nod was passed back.. Was I invisible to people or something? The final straw was when I passed 2 people waling their dog, now surely they werent to tired to wave back, they had no rytym to break and STILL they didnt wave back! So I decided.. Sod it im not waving to any more people today.

I got home and I looked at the Garmin, I had completed the run in a new PB time, Ive uploaded the last 4 runs on this route to compare.

Todays session

Duration 01 05 45
Distance 7.93 miles
Calories 1123
Max HR 170 BPM

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  1. Miserable sods, I wave and smile at everyone I meet And its dispiriting when they are rude. must have fueled you though. great run


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