Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Route For 5 Miles...

After Saturdays bike session I was thinking I would be hurting. Well I was wrong, I felt great so I decided to squeeze a quick run out in the morning before I went to see my wife in work. She works for the Welsh FA as a sports masseur  and the lady's team were playing Scotland.

I had a normal route I created over Christmas when I was down there, but I wanted something different, something with a few more hills in which would make me work harder. I went to mapometer and found a new route, same distance, but more farms, more mud on the roads and MORE HILLS!

My legs felt great, and the cycle ride was a distant memory as I clocked in another 8 minute mile and when I hit the 3rd mile I still felt pretty good so I pushed on. I only clocked in a PB, 5 miles under 40 minsutes a new record for me and I still felt great!

Got home, Turbo shower and off to the footie, Shame Wales lost 4-2!

Todays session

Duration 00 39 41
Distance 5 miles
Calories 742
Max HR 177 BPM

Garmin is having a proper wobble its not reset and started Monday nights run from my parents house.. Bloody tech!


  1. tee hee... you look like you had a good swim there as well! bloody technology! :-)

  2. Ha Ha Maggiee. see what you mean. Any how, that was a cracking run, The Raliegh must have prepped your muscles. Nice one


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