Thursday, 24 February 2011

Monster Pyramid Session

I was looking forward to tonights run session with Celtic Tri, when I got the schedule for tonight, I though "oh my, this is going to hurt" and how right was I. It was a monster!

The rain had stopped, but I still went out with my hat anf gloves on as there was a slight chill in the air, but after the first 6 minutes the gloves came off and stayed off. I am having some troubles with my trainers though, I think I've done over 750 miles in them so I think they are well past there best, and I think they are assisting to some of my hamstring issues. I think my wallet might be £70 lighter come the weekend and it wont be my wife spending my money it will be me, all on me! Ooooooh are'nt I the lucky one!

Tonight it was - 5x (1min H, 1min R), 1x (2min H, 2min R), 1x (4min H, 4min R), 1x (2min H, 2min R), 5x (1min H, 1min R) H = Hard 95% Max HR R = Recovery 70% Max HR

The session tonight also included a warm up, warm down and stretching.

Im in two minds to save my rest day to Sunday again this week, I have a long run planned for Saturday, im hoping I can do a half marathon run... maybe in my new daps :)

Todays session

Duration 00 46 26
Distance 5.20 Miles
Calories 705
Max HR166 BPM

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