Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Mist & My Recovery Run..

What a day today has been, It was misty when I walked to work this morning and its stayed all day, looking out the office window I was glad to be in doors. I had a meeting scheduled from 4-5pm tonight so I knew my run was going to be a late one. Don't you hate people organising meetings at 12 and at 4.. the two most important times of the day, LUNCH and HOME times of course!

Wednesday is my recovery run day so the object of these runs are to stay in the training zone, don't go over and definitely don't go under. My optimum zone is 160 BPM, This isn't to hard but its enough for me to get out of breath.  I decided to run the extra mile route again tonight so I clocked in 7.5 miles, I doubt I'll go back to the 6.5 mile loop as its only an extra 8 minutes, and whats 8 minutes when your out running... on your own. I normally find this kind of training quite easy now since I've been doing it every week, the 6.5 miles has become quite easy to keep under the 160 BPM, but tonight the extra mile definitely made me work. I think I went out of the zone twice, as the max HR I recorded tonight was 166 BPM. Even though I'm doing an extra mile I'm still clocking in 8:30 minute miles so I'm chuffed.

I don't think the weather helped, running through the mist and rain was quite difficult, and by the last mile I felt it in my legs. It was very eerie running under the street lights, (which were on, Thank you Swansea council)  it felt like a scene from a Steven King novel, but without the mad axe murder... Well we are in Swansea so you never know.

Todays Session

Duration 01 05 47
Distance 7.52 Miles
Calories 1040
Max HR 166 BPM

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