Thursday, 17 February 2011

Just Running In The Rain...

Another run completed and it was in the rain... This is starting to become the norn, so I put a positive spin on it and I felt like Gene Kelly.

Without teh lampost hugging as im sure i'd get some random looks for doing that. I enjoyed my run, even tho I was late setting off, I stopped off at the bike shop to sort out some slicks for my mountain bike, £50 all in and they would fit tehm for me too, so I was happy with that!.

As Wednesday is normally my zonal run I had planned to take it easy, but after resetting my forerunner for some reason it did not pick up my HR monitor, After this piece of kit being so reliable im starting to lose patience with it. I ran my same route and found it pretty easy tonight, so I think from March I am going to extend the route a few more miles, not sure if I will carry on the same road or go someone completly different, it depends on how like it gets as im currently dependant on the street lights. Its definately getting warmer out there as I havent needed teh hat to run in the past few times I've been out im still wearing my gloves but im sure they will stay at home soon to.

I start and end the session on a hill, which isnt the best so my next house is defiately going to be on a flat, but I have noticed my hill speed has definately increased, ther eis acracking set I do in the summer over the the local park which is all hills so I guessing that might be easier for me this summer due to all the training over the winter... Roll on the summer!

Todays session

Duration 00 55 35
Distance 6.56 miles
Calories 916
No HR Monitor Found!

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