Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I was looking forward to my swim session last night, I really enjoyed Saturdays session so this session could not come quick enough. We chanced our luck of going down the pool an hour early, that place is always busy so its a nightmare trying to park the car. But lucky enough someone was leaving just at the right time so we jumped in and took there empty space!

From the car park it didn't look that busy in the pool, how wrong was I? There was only 1 lane just like the norm and with me and my wife joining in there was going to be 6 people in it. One lad had flippers and paddles on so it was going to be a right squeeze! I suppose it will help keep my arms in and my stroke tidy rather than throwing my arms anywhere, like I do when im tired.

After doing my warm up a poor lady got smashed in the face by the guy with the paddles, she didnt look amused and I think she complained, anyways the bloke took his paddles off!

The pool soon emptied and me and my wife had the lane to ourselves, the last set of  50's was so slow for me it felt like I was swimming in treackle, without the taste of course.

Todays session

50m x fist
50m x catchup
50m x freestyle
50m x 1 arm

4 x 100m freestyle
8 x 50m freestyle

50m x kickboard
50m x dragg

4 x 100m freestyle
8 x 50m freestyle

Total - 2100m


  1. Hmmmm... not sure if I'd prefer swimming in treacle... I've never found the joy in water and I am thinking that at least treacle may be a little bit tasty... particularly more so than chlorine!! :-)

  2. Today I felt like I was running in treacle. After a few rest days I thought it would be easy but it was really tough again! I'll have to try swimming again some time.


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