Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Its That Fine Rain, Soaks You Right Through!

Tonight was the zonal run, so its a kind of rest run before the hard sets tomorrow night. i say a rest run I still have to run over 6 and a half miles but keep the heart rate under 160. Its been over a week since I did the last zonal run as last week was the first rest day since Janothon finished. I failed tonight, the first down hill I hit over 160 so I just gave up and came home... NOT!

It was raining all the way around the run, and I felt soaking, wet right through even though it was hammering down it was just light rain, but constant. It was quite annoying as it was being blown into my face all the way, It was like running with a cheap crappy bathroom shower over your head.

Nothing exciting on this run tonight apart one speeding police car sirens blaring, I even heard it over my music which was Tiesto - In search of Sunrise Track lisitngs I wounder what the cops were after, I recon he was late for dinner...

Todays session

Duration 00 59 51
Distance 6.56 Miles
Calories 923
Max HR 168 BPM (Rubbish left the training zone)

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