Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Half Way Around The World In 59 Minutes

Monday session with the elite lads is always hard, and it was going to be tough after the half marathon training fun on the weekend. We decided to do our normal route "Around The World" for just a quick paced 7 mile run. I can tell my running has come on a lot since I start as now I tend to be close to the front, when I started I was as the back so I'm pretty happy with my progress.

I've got into the habit of leaving my Garmin at home when I go out on a Monday, I have to drive down to the meeting point on a Monday so I find myself driving 10 minutes down the road, "oh bugger" and having to turn the car around drive home, pop into the house, pick up the watch and then set off again.

I was a lovely day yesterday, not a rain cloud in sight, it was that bright in the office that I had to close the blinds, so it was a shame I had to hide the sun. I decided to go running tonight with some underarmour and a high viz shirt so I left the rain jacket at home, I hope this is a sign summer is on route!

The run is a mixture of up hills, flats and down hills and we finish on a flat which is always nice to give the muscles a easier finish. I tend top open my stride on the last section of this run so I tend to finish with under 8 minute miles, I always try and save a little in the tank to blitz this last bit and finish on a high, this also knackers me out so I sleep well. There was only a small group of us (4 of us), so I finished 2nd so I was happy enough with that. A quick shower after my run then home for a post workout feast.. beans on toast, made by my own a la carte chef.. My wife :)

Todays session

Duration 00 57 24
Distance 7.26 miles
Calories 991
Max HR 178

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