Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Was Meant To Be...

Friday is normally my rest day, but I've got my family coming to stay with me for the weekend, which is going to be brilliant! My niece is 5 and my nephew is 2, there both are keen to fight with me so I'm ready give give out loads of tickles.. Muwwhahahhaa!!

I've been running the same route for nearly 3 weeks now so I decided today to extend the route, only by a mile but that was enough when running into the wind. The new route took me past 3 betting shops, and 4 takeaways. If I wasn't hungry before leaving the house, I definitely was by the last Chinese take away. My left calve still giving me some jip, I was on the massage table this morning and my wife did a cracking job to my calves and hamstring so my run was a little easier, so when I got home I jumped in the bath so I'm not aching to much... lets wait till tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying my running at the moment, it doesn't feel like a chore and I look forward to each session, as its just me, my hat and ipod.

Getting slicks for my mountain bike tomorrow so its a planned bike session on the road before the family turn up and rest on Sunday! Woohoo!

Todays session

Duration 01 03 33
Distance 7.54 miles
Calories 1049
Max HR (no battery yet for my HR band)


  1. Just found your blog mate... liking the openness! :) Got me tempted to do the same, as it'll keep me motivated! I'm keeping at around 9min/mile for long distance (12.2 miles Sunday), but for 5 and under I can get between 8 and 8:30/mile. Getting there, but I really need to start eating properly now to start seeing the benefits more fully. We need to catch up soon mate. College Massive! x

  2. Cheers pal, it something ive been doing since xmas, but now I thought I'd open it up.

    Good pace there, If you need a training partner and your at home give me a shout!

  3. Hope you enjoy your weekend with your neice and nephew and all that tickling doesn't wear you out!! :-)

  4. You, your hat and your ipod... please say there are clothes involved as well!!

    Keep it going mate, i'm massively impressed with the training schedule and blog

    See you soon, Ryan


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