Monday, 21 February 2011

Excellent Sprint Session

I didn't train yesterday so I was inching to get out there today. As Ive said in early posts I'm really enjoying my running and I'm running really hard in the elite session on a Monday.

The session was 800 meters, 400 meters, 50 meters on stairs, 400 meters and we did 4 sets plus a half mile warm up/warm down. I really enjoyed the set, short, Sharp and intense.

I only noticed tonight that my Ronhill light in my jacket has dropped off, it must of been last week in the rain, which is a shame as it was a handy red flashing light on the back of my jacket, so it made sure nutters on their bikes or in there cars could see me, I think I'll have to have a look on eBay for a new one. On the plus side I managed to get out early from work today to get a new battery for my heart rate monitor , so I can once again track how hard I'm working and if I can work harder.

I tired to figure out how to turn off auto lap on the forerunner but I couldn't find it before the session started so I had to press lap on my own when each distance had finished, but the lap included my 60 seconds max break before each meter-age starts so the table isn't a true full reflection of the speeds. (which is a shame)

Lap 12, was the warm down shower jog...

Todays Session

Duration 00 43 11
Distance 4.31 miles
Calories 568
Max HR 181 BPM

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