Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 1.. Without My Janothon..

Well day 1 without Janothon and I feel kind of... Well funny. Today was a swim session in the pool at 7 on the dot, my timing has become quite military when the pool is concerned. In for an hour and out.

The pool was pretty quiet today well the lane was it was just me and my wife so I could practise my tumble turns on every turn, well at the deep end anyway. I also worked on my breathing tonight, I made every effort to just turn my head as I've been turning from my waist so my aero-dynamics has not been so smooth, but tonight I think I cracked it... But I reckon my stroke went to pot!

I can't wait for Wednesday... Rest day, my first in 32 days! :)

Today's session

50m x freestyle
50m x fist
50m x catchup
50m x 1 arm
4 x 100m freestyle
8 x 50m freestyle
1 x 50m kick board
4 x 100m freestyle
8 x 50m freestyle

Total 2050 meters

1 comment:

  1. I do think that when you start any focused training, you need to work your schedule with military precision ... or else you don't fit everything in!!


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