Saturday, 26 February 2011

1st Training Half Marathon Of The Year

I decided to have a rest day yesterday, for 2 reasons really, Number 1, I hoover the house before my wife's sister and husband turned up so by the time I had finished that, they were here so I played the total host and looked after our guests. Number 2 I had planned to do a long run, long as in my 1st training half for the year.

I was up early, for a Saturday, 2 weeks on the trott thanks to our next generation of Lewis's and Corbett's, I dont mind it has been really good to see everyone.

Everyone else was off to the local pool to play in the rapids, but I ellected to give it a miss and go for a run, I had planned to run down to the sea front to meet the everyone after they had finished playing in the pool. I left about 20 minutes after they left in the car, I had planned my route to follow the cycle path all the way so it was relatively flat, which was great.

When I saw the above lap times I was very happy, and completing the route with an average of under 8 minute miles. I am suffering a bit noe with stomach cramps :( but after time im sure my body will get used to the distance and pain will be a thing of the past... Yeah right!

Todays Session
Duration 01 40 59
Distance 13.1 Miles
Calories 1847
Max HR 175


  1. It does get better... it does... honest!! Those mile split times are amazing! well done!

  2. Well done on those splits. Great run


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