Saturday, 1 January 2011

Yesterdays Run With A Near Miss!

I managed to squeeze out a quick 5 mile run out yesterday afternoon before I went out to my family NYE party.

To make things worse my bloody laptop battery has failed I'm still at my parents so I'm back to posting on my iPhone which is an absolute nightmare!

Yesterdays run was quite easy and I felt like I had plenty left in the tank to keep on going but due to the party I had to end the session early. On the last quarter of a mile a idiot driver didn't see me on a straight with my hi-vis top so pushed me into the hedge so I was filthy and the driver didn't even stop! I hate people like that!

I'm looking forward to today's run, the first of Janathon! Good luck everyone.

I'll post the route up ones my laptop is working.

Session run

Distance 5 miles
Duration 00 39 54
Calories 497
Max HR 179 BPM

1 comment:

  1. I have certainly had drivers seemingly drive through puddles on purpose for a laugh and of course scream out of the window! All part of being a runner & this Janathon I guess


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