Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I Need Some Power!

I'm sat at my desk at work and thinking Ive got to go for a run tonight. I need a kick up the arse to give me some motivation, and its Janathon so I really should go. My arms are very heavy today from last nights swim session (which I really enjoyed).

Ive drafted a training plan for me to complete over January I just need to make sure I drive myself to stick to it.

To top it off its now raining, I know it does most days in Wales but surely that's telling me  to stay in and lie on the sofa and do nothing.

I'll finish writing up this bloody report, get the ipod on for some dance tunes and hopefully that will give me some drive!

Catch you later with Day 5 training updates... I hope!


  1. From one Jog On to another: you can do it! Let us know how you get on!

  2. So ... did you make it out then? Or, perhaps simply writing up the training plan might be considered a form of exercise?!?

    When I struggle to get out the door (like I did this evening), I remind myself how good I'll feel afterward both physically and mentally!! That usually does the trick for me!

    Let us know how you got on today!


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