Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 9 - Busy Park Runs

Day 9 started early-ish and I wanted to get out an get a decent mileage run in. It's Christmas day today so it involves allot of eating so I HAD to run!

I only had to shower and get dressed I managed to upload the run route before my shower so I'm writing the report on my iPhone.

We've just finished opening our presents and I've been lucky enough to get a new Nike running jacket and a new Nike time cuff which looks brilliant!

But back to my run this morning, it felt great to get out in the light and it was a route I hadn't run for ages so it always gives you a boost. Got to park/common and it was full of runners and dog walkers, it was quite hard on the first lap to dodge the public. It was still icey in the paths so for dodging the public and the ice was a bit of a mission!

I really enjoyed the run and completed it the quickest I have to date!

I had no breakfast this morning and I can't wait for Christmas dinner (Mark 2) as I'm starving.

Today's session

Distance 6.6 miles
Duration 00 53 41
Calories 943
Max HR 169 BPM

1 comment:

  1. Great time and achievement - I calculate the calorie burn entitles you to about 8 pigs in blankets - yum!


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