Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 8 - Where Am I?

Second week of Janothon has arrived and I still going - Well done to everyone else who is still taking part!

We are currently at my wife's family for our second Christmas, more presents, more turkey and more chocolate (I hope). I stayed up late last night again playing on the Playstation 3 with my wife's, sisters husband playing FIFA and I won 4 out of the 5 games. The most success I've had all year to date :) and I had to have a lie in to recover... Honest!. So I missed my planned 8am run and got up at 9am showered and hit the shops (again) We still had some Christmas money left over to spend, although I spent some of it last night signing up for 12 months of Runners World magazine.

We stayed in Portsmouth till about 4pm so a full days shopping and I bought nothing (my wife bought me a jumper though) and because I was so lazy this morning I had to run when we got back so about 5:30 I ended up leaving the outlaws house. I normally run in the day so I have some idea of where I am going and remember to how to get home. Today was the first time Ive run in the dark in Southampton in all the time I have been dating my wife. I had some idea of where I was going but to be honest I thought I'd wing it and do a harder run tomorrow. I still managed a 4 miles before I ran out of road! Im going in the park tomorrow so I'll hopefully cram in 6 miles and Im trying to get out early!

I managed to sort out my shuffle and I had a load of new songs to listen to. Today's album was Ministry of sound Annual 2011 Todays Tracks but if im honest I didnt listen to much of it as I was trying my best not to get lost and looking out for traffic as theres alot more on the roads down here than im used to. As i was on the final mile I could smell indian cusine which made me run quicker to get home as I thought "I hope thats my dinner im starving". I dont think it was... :(

Todays session

Durrations 00 31 41
Distance 4 miles
Calories 567
Max HR 173 BPM

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  1. Runner's World is great. I love reading it on the tube to work. I hope it makes me look athletic.


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