Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 7 - Rain, Rain Go Away

Well today's run was meant to be a short and easy jog, a quick 30 minutes just over 3 miles. Well... today's was the hardest run so far. I decided to work from home today as I stayed up to watch the cricket and none of my colleagues were going into the office, I didn't feel like staying there on my own. So I had a little lay in till 9ish and got up, looked out the window and saw.. RAIN! Good old welsh weather!

As we are off for our 2nd Christmas later today I had to squeeze the run in this morning as I know I wouldn't feel like a run after a 3 hour drive. I got my running stuff on and slowly walked down stairs making the trip to go out side even slower. Opened the front front door and by this time its lashing down, I thought to myself.. "Do I really need to do this? - YES so stop being a lazy arse and jog on!".

I did half my normal route and I'm still finishing up hill, I think if I take part in Juneathon I may need to move house!

It was a hard run today after last night fartlek still in my mind, fingers crossed Friday runs get easier and do you know what made it harder. Last night I decided to update my shuffle with a new album, well the stupid thing only transferred one song. It was great to listen to twice, three times at a push but I had to stop after the eighth so I ended up doing the last mile in silence. I'm sat here now updated it as I type checking its updated properly as I'm not running tomorrow with just one song again. Ive just put on the new ministry of sound running trax on it and I'll let you know on tomorrows post how it goes!

Well im off now for a 3 hour drive and another Christmas dinner!

Todays session

Distance 3.4 Miles
Duration 00 29 47
Calories 483
Max HR 166BPM


  1. At least you got out there! Some days it feels like a real struggle but you did it :) My house is at the bottom of a hill so all my runs start uphill and finish downhill, I think I prefer it to the other way round!

  2. the cricket was worth staying up for !

  3. Good job on the run despite the weather... I managed to avoid the heavy downpour and get soaked anyway! Hope you enjoy your second Christmas!

  4. Ashes was awesome and well worth staying up for. I ran in the rain yesterday too - so be reassured that the crappy weather is countrywide! Enjoy your 2nd chrimbo!

  5. Good that you still went out in the rain ... I was thinking about the 'rain, rain go away ... come again another day' while I was out on my bike yesterday. Made me chuckle and put me in a very child-like mood for the day!

    Not fun re the music. I think I'd rather sing to myself than listen to a song repeatedly!!! Success today?


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