Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 6 - Triathlon Training Run Session

Day 6 is here and gone and I was joining my friends from the Triathlon club for a fartlek session which was brilliant. Reason 1, I wasn't training on my own for a change and reason 2 it was a different session from just road running.

I worked really hard tonight and I'm feeling great, I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight after that work out. We all meet on a half a mile stretch and recently the council have turned off every other one of the street lights so its pretty dark, but the road isn't used very much and it has a wide pavement, which by the end of the session was starting to freeze up so we were losing alot of traction by the last set.

Tomorrows run  is going to be difficult I'm off at 2pm to travel to Southampton for my 2nd Christmas with my wife's family all weekend, so I've been only multimap looking for routes in the area. I'm in 2 minds to get up early and sneak a run in or go out when I get to Southampton. Its the last day of the ashes test series tonight so I need to stay up to see the final series win, the bad news is it starts at 11pm tonight and wont finish till 8am tomorrow so I'll be o tired to run in the morning if I stay up?

Oh well lets see when the morning comes...

Todays session

1 Mile warm up
Fartlek session (6 sets of: 2H 2R, 1H 1R, 30sec H 30sec R) H=90% maxHR R=recovery
1 mile warm down

Distance 6.8 miles
Duration 01 00 00
Calories 763
Max HR 177


  1. brilliant session tonight - 6.8 miles on a fartlek training is fab! well done!

    My OH has been watching the Ashes... imagine his dismay at the loss of sky!

  2. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    How does he cope.. :)

  3. I was going to say it'll be done befoire 8am but as it's just rained off I'm not so staying up to watch it myself - I say be hardcore and stay up!!!


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