Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 5 - Nice & Easy Does it Every Time

Well as posted earlier I was sat in the office looking out the window thinking its rain and I don't want to go.. Well I did and I'm glad I did. I did a Zone run, the objective of this run was to stay in Zone 3 of my training zone, My heart rate was not aloud to go over 160 otherwise I'd explode... Honest! :)

I feel great for going out and I'm not so tired as when I normally go out I try and get a quicker and quicker so I'm knackered by the time I get home and I try and do a record time. I  know I always say I could have gone on, but I definitely could of carried on, I like this zone 3 running.

I ran my normal 6.5 mile route and saw 2 runners tonight, I normally see no one else running only cars so its good to see other nutters running in the dark. My new hat and gloves are working a treat! No snow yet thankfully, Its just cold as my head was steaming.

I listening to the 2nd CD of NOW 77 on the run, I'd miss that one if I were you it was crap.

Triathlon training tomorrow with a club, Its the run session and I think its a fartlek session! YAY \o/

Tonights session

Distance 6.57 Miles
Duration 01 03 02
Calories 908
Max HR168 (and that was up hill!)

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  1. Hey, well done... I've never tried heart-rate training... I can't wear the monitor as it falls down to my waist when I'm running and that would just measure how much my belly is jiggling!! :-)

    I'm glad you stayed within the zone though and didn't explode, or that would definitely been the end of your janathon training!

    Have fun at club tomorrow... fartlek always makes me laugh... I'm so childish!! :-)


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