Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 4 - My 1st Swim Session

Day 4 is here and guess what, I've only gone and got my goggles out!

1st day back in the office today after being off since 23rd December and it dragged.... i mean really dragged and 4pm couldn't come quick enough.

After running nearly every day over Christmas I decided I wanted to add swimming to my training calender and at 7pm me and my wife went to the local pool (in Swansea we are blessed with a number of pools, a few 25 meter ones and one 50 meter pool, but there was no way I was doing my 1st proper swimming session in a 50 meter pool. My wife is the swimmer so I have be listening to her every word in the pool and shes a pretty good teacher. We worked on my free style stroke and tumble turns as I'm still stopping at the end of the lane to turn which slows my times down, but we have all got to start somewhere. We had a lane to ourselves which was great and apart from the club next to us full of 10 to 13 year olds kicking my arse.

I had my new Speedo jammers on, i always worn just normal shorts in the pool, but  I definitely noticed the difference with the skin tight shorts on, another Christmas present from my darling wife :)

I really enjoyed it and i look forward to my next swim session - Thanks wifey!

Todays session

Distance 1200 meters
Duration  01:30:00 (this included numerous attempts to complete tumble turns)

As I don't use the Garmin in the pool i don't know how hard i worked with BPM but i know I'm cream crackered.


  1. LOL - well done on your session that seems like a good time to me and sometimes it's just about how you feel at the end!

  2. Wow... now I AM impressed! I got my 50m badge when I was 10 and that's the furthest i've ever made it! My unique swim style of doggy-paddling/drowning doesn't enable me to stay afloat for that length of time! Really good effort and glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  3. I'm hitting the pool this afternoon for the first time this year. Have good my new Speedo Jammers in my bag! :)


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