Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 31 - The End Of Janothon, The Start Of Something Else...

Well we have been all looking forward to this day, and here it is! Congrats to all people who have completed Janothon.

Mondays are the elite group session, while I was driving down the car phone went off, the bloke that arranges the training cant make it plus another 2 of the group aren't attending tonight as they are stuck in work so the suggested session was 7 x 1km, I was not looking forward to that as the 2 young lads where probably going to be there and leave me behind. When I got there my assumption was correct it was just me and the 2 fastest lads of the group. When I suggested the 7 x 1km session they looked at me and said "I'm not doing that!" lets just go for a run. I was over the moon they said no to the speed work! Its been 30 days hard training and I didn't want that on my last day of Janothon.

We did a run what is called around Europe, Its a route that takes us up hill to the top of the mumbles in Swansea when we get to the half way its cracking view of the sea front, even in the dark. I was some chuffed that I had kept up with them lads, I know one of them took it easy but the other lad looked out of puff and I kept up with him. I didn't feel outside the group which can happen I felt like a elite athlete but I'm sure I didn't look like one :)

I've really enjoyed Janothon, Its given me a lot of drive to commit to a fitter future and Ive even joined the a triathlon club.. So I've got a bright future I hope. I still plan to blog everyday even on my rest days, roll on Wednesday first rest day in over a month :)

I've made some new friends on the blogging front, Ive read some cracking blogs and I hope they keep comming. Catch you tomorrow after my swim!

Todays session

Duration 00 59 07
Distance 7.14 Miles
Calories 1022
Max HR 171 BPM


  1. That sounds pretty elite to me! I've enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to catch up regularly. Well done on finishing Janathon!

  2. That's a tough session to end on! Definitely elite! Thanks for all your entertaining and inspiring blogs... I'm glad you're keeping it up, I'll certainly be continuing to drop by and see how you're getting on... good luck with your training and enjoy your rest day! :-)

  3. Wow well done. another fab sesh. congratulations on completing Janathon

  4. Sounds like a tough session, you elite athlete. Well done for completing Janathon!

  5. Hope you enjoy your swim today. Enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to finding out how your triathloning goes.

  6. Well done on keeping up with 'the fast boys' ... you are NOW a fast boy yourself!! WOO HOO!!!

    Now that you've joined a triathlon club, consider doing the Blenheim Triathlon (near Oxford, at Blenheim Palace) which is a fabulous event on 4 - 5 June and there will be a few of us there!


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