Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 29 - Road Bike Virgin No More!

As planned yesterday i got up early, well my kind of early, 10ish and packed the car up, Pumps, helmets and roof rack on and attached the bikes and off we went. There is a new tarmac coastal path that runs for about 20 miles and it is an ideal place to learn how to ride a road bike. Ive ridding a mountain bike since I learnt to ride a bike so this road bike malarkey is all new to me!

We cycled for the first 5 miles changing gears and trying the breaks, Its definitely completely different to my Felt off road. But once we had mastered them there was no stopping us. 

We cruised to the end of the path, and I felt like a pro, but without the time and the chasing pack, as it was only me and my wife. There were a few dog walkers but I dont think they canbe classified as a chasing group.

I really enjoyed the session and I can't wait for my next bike outing. Roll on the Tour I think I can make it, watch out Lance.. Im comming!

Todays session

Duration 01 18 49
Distance 17.03
Calories 979
Max HR 154 BPM


  1. I'm envious. Cycling by the coast must be really lovely.

  2. It was a lovely view, but it was bloody freezing. Ive only now properly warmed up! 3 cups of tea later!

  3. brilliant, well done, I cant wait to get back out on my road bike. 2 days to go, wahay

  4. Well done... watch out Lance indeed... I agree with jogalog, I looked at your map and thought wow, I bet that was also an absolutely beautiful bike ride. I'm thinking I may get out of Manchester on my next long run and find something a little more scenic!

  5. Sounds like your first outing was a great success! Marvelous!!! Enjoy many more exciting and scenic rides!!


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