Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 28 - Easy Run & Bad Plumbing

Ive been looking forward to Friday all week. It meant two things, Easy run day and a lie in tomorrow, No alarm clock. I got home from work about 5:00ish, quite late for a Friday but its been one of those weeks so I kind of new I was going to be late. I bounced home ready for my run, I was keen to get out and get home and enjoy my evening. Well I got out, did my run and then I decided to do some plumbing. The toilet in the upstairs bathroom has been filling up very slowly after being flushed and me being a man who knows everything about DIY I wanted to have a look. Still in my running gear I decided to take the flush and water dispenser apart. I thought I had fixed it, but I was very wrong, I now had water running into the back basin and filling the toilet up... but it wasn't stopping so it was going into the overflow. This meant I had to keep on flushing the look ever 10 seconds - GREAT!

I had been fiddling with the toilet now for 45 minutes, still in my running gear, I was meant to be showered and dinner on the table as my wife had just walked through the door. My wife came up stairs and I had one of those looks, very similar to the one when I flooded the kitchen a week ago. I phone my dad who has the answers to DIY he told me I had to turn the water off and get a new part for the filler as its broke. I had run downstairs turn the water off and dismantle and drain the toilet. I then had to go down B&Q for the new part! Still in my running gear! Well, the rest of the story I got the new part and saved the day... My wife didn't think much of my plumbing skills though :)

But back to my run, I enjoyed taking it easy today, my legs felt good, I had a spring in my step and found the rhythm pretty quick. I even managed to find my ipod shuffle that my wife hid from me :) Honest!

I think I'm off out on the road bike tomorrow that we've borrowed so i'll keep you posted how it goes.

Todays session

Duration 00 27 35
Distance 3.4 miles
Calories 482
Max HR 168


  1. If my husband ever wants to do a spot of plumbing I will now hold you up as a cautionary tale.

  2. hahahaha!

    I knew what I was doing... Honest!

  3. Stick to running and leave plumbing well along I'd say!!! :-)


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