Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 27 - Its Cold Out There...

Its getting cold again out there and its a good job Ive got my new hat and gloves back. Tonight's session was a tough one as it stops you getting a rhythm as they are such small sprints and recovery sessions.

6 x (2 min H, 1min R, 1Min H, 30sec R, 30sec H, 30sec R)
H=Hard R=Recovery

I had more in the tank and I think I could have done another 2 sets but I wasn't complaining about finishing at 6. We have a warm up and warm down session which involves stretching, jumping, and skipping, when cars drive past they must thing WTF are those people. We had plenty of car horns tonight I did wonder if they were warning us if there was something on the lose coming to get us... Perhaps not.

My legs are pretty tired so I'm looking forward to my rest run tomorrow...

Todays session

Duration 00 49 49
Distance 5.01 miles
Calories 678
Max HR 180 BPM


  1. That sounds like a tough session, good job to finish still feeling like there was something in the tank. I hope there are no werewolves out there... they are far scarier than squirrels or foxes... *shudder*!

  2. Hey Martyn, well done on the six intervals, and great that you still felt like you could have done more!

    It's a fine balance between having a good hard workout and 'overdoing it' which just takes longer to recover and affects the following day's training.


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