Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 26 - My Knighthood... Sir Run-Alot

This is the first day in Janothon I really found it hard to get out there, The walk home from work was a killer and then to go back out in the wind and cold... Did I really want to go out.. No I didn't!

But I wasn't going to give up on Janothon that easy so I got changed and went out. My new hat and gloved turned up today so I needed to get out to try them out. The bad news was I couldn't find my ipod shuffle so I had no tunes to listen to on my run. I find that music helps take some of the pain away. I'll have to ask my wife where she has moved it to as I can find it anywhere, I cant keep going out with no music to listen to I'll go mad. Anyways, Wednesday is my zonal run session the object of the run is to keep my heart rate below 160BPM, I have failed all session UNTIL today. I normally hit a 165 or a 163 beats per minute but today I kept the max to 160 and I kept the 6.5 mile run under the hour mark. A very successfully run I think...

Ive been running a lot more this month than ever before so I had a phone call from Buckingham palace to let me know I was being honoured. The title I am very pleased with and with it I plan to run just as much in February, if my legs let me!

Todays Session

Duration 00 59 36
Distance 6.57 miles
Calories 925
Max HR 160 BPM


  1. Well done for staying in the zone, I keep saying that I need to do some zonal training, but never get round to it

  2. If you can run as much in February that'll be really impressive - I'll have to resist temptation to catch up on rest days.

  3. Congratulations on your successful run and your knighthood! From Merman to Knight in one day... you're a veritable fairytale kingdom all of your own... will you be the giant tomorrow I wonder, or the Damsell In Distress?!! :-)

  4. Well done on keeping 'in the zone' ... I always find those runs a challenge because it doesn't feel comfortable for me ... to slow!

    Very cool Sir Martyn ... being knighted!! Definitely a worthy accolade!!


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