Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 24 - 1 More Monday Left To Go..

Work today consisted of 7 hours of straight meetings, I haven't switched the laptop on so I dread how many emails I've got from people today. I'm not going to look till tomorrow, so I'm blogging, check how others have got on, then I'm going.

I'm really enjoying the elite sessions on a Monday, these guys bang out 5 to 6 minute miles for fun and tonight was a great example that I'm improving each week. I raced yesterday and it was a hard session yesterday so my legs were already tired, plus its Janothon so its been a hard month. Well tonight topped that off as we decided to do a quick session with a warm up (just under a mile) then 3km, 2km and 1km with 90 seconds rest in between. We had to go flat out and was doing miles in 6 minutes, I was so chuffed as I got down to a 5.20 min mile. Then a shower run which was a mile home to the sports center. It was a killer session but I really enjoyed it. I know something, I'll sleep well tonight!

The guys heard I raced yesterday for my new club, I don't know how but I smiled inside knowing they knew and they gave me me a pat on the back for competing yesterday and told me my time was pretty good.. So all in all a good session!

Todays session

Duration 00 40 38
Distance 5.21 miles
Calories 726
Max HR 171 BPM


  1. Another fast run, well done

  2. Great runnning Martyn a mile in 5.20 is excellent

  3. WOW ... very impressive 5m20s mile!!! You are obviously doing something very, very right!! Keep up the great work, and the great blogging!


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