Sunday, 23 January 2011

Day 23 - 1st Race Day

The morning came far to early this morning and before I knew it I was up, dressed and ready for my 1st race for my new triathlon club. It was the final meet of the cross country season, 5 mile track around the reservoir and back home. This is my first competitive event since I played rugby to a high standard about 10 years ago. I do have a competitive streak in me so I was going to give it my all. I had to register when I arrived at the event it felt funny, going to a table in the corner, saying my name and running for a club.. me... running for a club. It was only £4 (it could have been £2 if I was registered with Wales Athletics) but I didn't mind paying it for my first turn out for Celtic Tri. There was a good turn out from the club but I was the only one without a team vest :(

11am on the dot the starter got the race off and away I went. I went out pretty quick but I was coping with it, I knew I could go out quick as it was only 5 miles. I averaged a 7.11 minute mile and I felt the burn after the 3rd mile into the breeze. I kept going as I wasn't to make that impression on my 1st event. I finished with a 36 minute 5 mile race and I've hit my 100 miles today to. I really enjoyed the race and the team community I cant wait for the next event.

I mention to the team organiser that I didn't have a vest and I felt left out, she opened the boot of her car and passed me one, I was well chuffed... But my wallet was £20 lighter :)

Todays session

Duration 00 36 21
Distance 4.98 miles
Calories 707
Max HR 175BPM


  1. Fantastic time and fantastic running! Well done. You deserve to feel really proud of that time. Glad you got a team vest too... It's good to feel part of the team identity, I love wearing mine to races! :-)

    Ps... and double congrats on the 100 miles as well... woop woop!

  2. What a brilliant 5 miler! And well done for passing 100 miles.

  3. Well done on your first race - and a good time too! I love races and the buzz you get from them. It's always great motivation to do another one.

  4. Fabulous that you had a great time at your first race ... hopefully that will mean you'll be back for more ... not just the runs, tris as well!!

    Well done on hitting the 100 mile mark!!

  5. Fantastic, race, well don. Well done for making the Century too.
    As for off roaders, mine are North face, but most of my running club who fell race seem to be wearing inov8


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