Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 21 - I Love Rest Runs But, I Hate Chavs

Its the final countdown.. doo doo do do! doo doo do do do! Only 10 days to go for us Janothoners' and Ive been thinking that once its over I will keep up the amount of running I have this month but I think I'm going to introduce a rest day on Friday which involves doing nothing! But I'm going to work harder in the week, as I'm losing my Saturday runs to swim sessions.

I chickened out of breaking the 100 mile mark today, I stuck to my guns and did the rest run, it went well until the last mile I run past a youth center and the little bar-stewards decided to hurl abuse at me, but I had my shuffle on so I couldnt hear anything and one lad decided to stand in the way as he thought he was "cool" i just glided past him, I think if I was in a mood im sure I would have dropped my shoulder and floored the chav. As soon as they were gone it was a glide home and a new PB for the route.

Not much else going down today so im on the sofa, finished my poached eggs and now ive got a big glass of coke, ice and a slice of lime. Roll on the lie in, in the morning.

Todays Session

Duration 00 27 21
Distance 3.9 Miles
Calories 479
Max HR 167 BPM


  1. Love the cartoon I live in Essex we have a few chavs here

  2. poached eggs and coke-rock on! Love the chav reference!

  3. Nice run, shame about the idiot you met along the way

  4. ha ha ha! Right... I'm working on a new idea... it involves infiltrating the squirrel community and incepting the idea that we are good and chavs are bad... I think it will work with a simple mantra... run-ners good; burberry bad... I'm thinking sheep would make a good vehicle for the message...

    Good work on the run and bash-a-chav avoidance! :-)

  5. Rest Days? Can't remember what those are. Roll on February.


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