Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 20 - Bloody Cold & Bloody Garmin

Its definately been one of those weeks, work has not stopped all week I cant believe its Friday tomorrow. Running this week has been a great stress reliever, I wish I could do my job while I ran! I would feel amazing.. I think?

 It was a club run tonight, and another tough session its was 6 sets of 4 minutes 90% HR and 2 minutes 70% HR, this being a recovery. This also included a mile-ish warm up and half mile warm down. The set got sent out yesterday so I thought I'd be a clever arse and program it into the Garmin and know when to rest and know when to burn rubber. We completed the warm up session and had the 30 seconds call that the session was about the start. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of we go! I got in the zone and lead from the front... I went to check about 3 minutes into the 1st set and I only forgot to press the bloody start button, so I missed the first set so I've guessed the set an input into Garmin Connect.

I was a great session tonight and I could have done another 2 I think so this Janothon has definately helped my fitness, so thanks for getting me involved. I am looking forward to the light run tomorrow but I'm tempted to go for a long run so I can hit the 100 mile mark.. hmmm decisions..

Todays Session

Duration 00 46 00
Distance 5.46 miles
Calories 726
Max HR 177 BPM


  1. Well done Martyn, that's brilliant running. I'm finding I've slowed this week... I'm hoping it's a lull and I'll pick back up again next week after I've slept for most of the weekend!!

    I was in a sulk about it earlier... but I've given myself a kick up the preverbial now after reading more positivity from you and everyone else... thanks :-)

  2. P.S. CRASIESAF is yours. I am appointing you leader of the affiliated cause... we can't have those pesky foxes sneaking in under our radar!

  3. Well done on such a great run and still having energy at the end of it! See how you feel tomorrow and decide what kind of run to do. Hitting the 100 milestone would certainly be cool!!

  4. go for it - go for the 100!!!!

  5. Go for the 100 I think it will be Monday when I hopefully reach this milestone

  6. Thats a great pace, and you're nearly in the 100 club. well done


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