Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 2 - Late To Bed & Early To Rise

Day 2 has arrived and I've clocked up another 5 miles to the cause. I managed to get to sleep last night about 2am and woke up at 8am, so a dragged my already tired legs out of bed to complete this bloody Janaothon thing :)

It was a quite warm-ish morning and I leaped outside the back gate with my spring in my step. The forerunner took some time to find a signal this morning so I did think about leaving it at home and leaving myself in the warmth of the garage, but the thought of a new Garmin got me to move my arse!

As i jogged down the road i passed a few church goers in there 60's and they waved frantically at me as if something was wrong, and then old man beside the old waving dear (I'm guessing his wife) lifted his flat cap to me which I found quite encouraging... I don't know why I just did. I had the joys of wet running trainers today as the paper inside them was soaking wet so I need to remember to change the paper before I go to bed or stick them in the house and not in the porch all night. My trusty Ipod shuffle was with my all the way as I had feared that the battery was going to die on the last run but happly enough it kept on going and I listened to some of the dance tracks that kept my dancing all night in the clubs in my late teens, so thank you Dave Pearce - My Album of todays run!

It was my last run today at my parents house down the South West Wales so I made sure I sucked as much country air in as possible as it was going to be some time again until my trainers hit those roads again. I only managed to sneak the 5 miles in again as mum had planned to make dinner for 1pm and I or the wife hadn't packed a thing and we some stuff to pack, we'd been there for 10 days. I ran the same route as the 2 previous days so I think my body had got kind of used to the up hills and down hills, even though I had run at different times in the day I think I took it easier today than the other 2.

Roll on tomorrow... Monday is elite athlete training day.

Todays session

Distance 5.11 miles
Duration 00 44 15
Calories 721
Max HR 171BPM (I did take it easy - Lazy bones)


  1. I think I might have to stop reading your blog - you bang out the 5 miles in the same time it takes me to do 5k *sigh*. But seriously you are an inspiration... well done and hope your journey home was ok.

  2. Some nice nostalgic tunes there Martyn! Good one on the run... I love that the old boy doffed his cap to you... my friend and I got a half-hearted whistle (she thinks he gave up half way through as we neared and he got a closer look), and some incomprehensible waffle from a 'chav' smoking something very smelly!! but that's city running for you! :-)


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