Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 19 - Mr Frosty Welcome Back...

Back on the road today after last night swim and it was a great session plenty of juice left in the tank and a total de-stress, I loved it!

It was a Zonal Run again this Wednesday and my mission to stay in Zone 4 (160BPM Max) is getting better, I only left the zone the last 20 seconds to get home and up the hill in time for the footie.

My HR for the session

The first mile finishes on a hill so I'm just on the boarder of leaving the zone, but I looked at the Garmin at the right time and took my foot off the gas and stayed under the 160. Noticed a lot of people out tonight, dog walkers, power walkers and 3 other runners, I waved to all 3 runners and only 1 of the cheeky buggers waved back.

The pavements tonight were all ice, I don't think they have defrosted from last night/this morning so it was a bit tricky passing the down hills, I nearly went arse over tit! Thank god no one saw!

I did today's session the quickest to date and I felt great after the session so I'm definitely recommending the workout if you've got a HRM device, it stops me over doing it so I can do my intense group session tomorrow night.

Listened to the second CD of the Paul Oakenfold Album - Find it hear! Its still class and well worth a listen if you like dance music.

Todays session

Duration 00 58 42
Distance 6.55 miles
Calories 925
Max HR 165BPM


  1. Wednesday must be a popular night for running. I saw loads on my run too - or maybe it's just that I'd got used to not seeing any on my morning runs.

  2. Good run, I'm seeing alot of different runners at the moment, either Janathoners or New Year Resolutionists. Take care on that ice.

  3. Definitely not cool if people see you as you slip around on the ice! However ok if no one sees you!!

    Sounds like you had a fab run!!

  4. Ooh you run past lots of interestingly named places!!

  5. Well there only interesting names, the places are very dull and there isnt much to look at. I enjoyed the views at Christmas as all I looked at was fields, fields and more fields...and some sheep! its only terrace houses here :(


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