Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 18 - Busy Pools GRRRRR!!


Another manic day in work, meetings followed by meetings and more meetings and these meetings included people who want everything and will do nothing to help you out... Swines!

I was looking forward to releasing some stressing in the pool so 7pm could not come quick enough... well 6:45..
We got to the pool 15 minutes early to avoid the mass of lady's turning up for a aqua pool aerobics session and have to battle with them crossing the swim lane to get into the larger area in the pool as there class starts at 8 so we wanted to be out by 7:45. Unfortunately this did not happen!

We got into the pool early but it was rammed, I normally have the lane to myself like Sunday but there was at least 4 people in the lane already wish made it very difficult to practise my tumble turns so I could only do 2 every 100 meters as someone was always chasing me down.

I still managed to do my furthest meters yet 2000 meters so I'm chuffed!

Hitting the roads tomorrow with a zonal run, no crazy fools to bloke my path.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000meter


  1. Good going with that swimming... even with fools in ya way!

  2. Well done on the 2K swim! Very irritating to have all those people in 'your' pool!! Just rest assured that they will be gone in a week or two ... those new year's resolutioners, who are not like the Janathoners who will continue!!

  3. well done, in tough conditions.

  4. Well done on pushing through the crowds - I avoided my pool this evening as it was too full... Good luck for tomorrow.

  5. I am sure swimming makes a good change from all of the running you have done - swimming pool etiquetee is an education in its own right see this site http://hubpages.com/hub/Swimming-Pool-Etiquette


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