Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 17 - Killer Session

 What a crap day in work, Ive been in meetings since 9:30 till 4:30 I had lunch at 3ish so its been 100mph all day. I was really looking forward to the elite session tonight, last week was a long run so I knew tonight was going to be a short sharp session.

How right was I? It was a very sharp session - 6 x half mile with 60 secs recovery. We were doing half miles in 3minutes 40 secs. It was a killer session, thank god we only had to 6.

By the time I got home my wife had made my training recovery meal, beans on toast. I destroyed it on double quick fashion and washed up and put my running gear on the washing machine all quicker than the whole running session.

Then the bad news... While sat on the sofa resting my tired legs my wife shouted "MARTYN... The Kitchen is flooding" I only jammed the zip in the washing machine door and turned it on and managed to fill the kitchen floor full of water. We had to get all the towels out the cupboard and take the plinth off the bottom of the cupboards to soak up the water. Bugger!

Note to self, let wife do the washing in future :)

Tonights session

Duration 00 46 05
Distance 5.6
Calories 725
Max HR 177 BPM

This image shows distance over HR

Map doesnt show warm up/warm down.


  1. Oh no! well done on the run... but yeah... it sounds like a good excuse to me, leave the washing to your wife! I had a problem with garmin connect too... good to know it's them, not me for once! :-)

  2. Hahahahaha!! That'sthe best 'getting out of doing the washing ever again' story I've ever read! Well done on the run - leave the multitaksing to your wife!


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