Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 16 - No Bike Just Swimming

Woke up about 10am today, I love Sunday lie ins! I could still hear the rain against the window and that only meant the wind had got stronger and the rain was still coming down :(

I had planned an off road session on the bike, we have already had a truck load of rain this week and I guessed the track would be a right mess. I had a look online and there was a mention they had closed a few of the runs so I opted out of the off road and opted out of the bike ride all together and hit the pool.

I didn't want to end up like this

Ive been really enjoying the pool sessions and I'm learning each time I'm in the pool and I'm swimming further each time I go even though Ive only been 3 times in January.

Today I swam 2200 meters, I broke it down to, 200m Kick board, 300m Pull Buoy and 1700m Free style. 

I was keen to work on my tumble turns and by the end of the session I was doing them on each turn. I started out just doing them at the deep end of the pool as there was less people that end and if they went wrong no one could laugh at me. But after practising and practising them I built up enough confidence to do them both ends and I'm happy to say they looked pretty good :) 

My wife has been a great help in getting me where I am today I just hope she can keep teaching me the way, Just like a Jedi..

Gutted that i missed out on the bike today but I'm happy with my swim session, so roll on the pool session on Tuesday. Back on the road tomorrow night!

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2200 meters


  1. That empty pool looks so inviting. Maybe after Janathon I'll try our local one.

  2. keep feeling the force Martyn... and be careful of stick-in-the-mud bike tracks... you'd be a prime target for squirrels if you got stuck like that!

    Congrats on week 2... good luck for week 3!

  3. Great session in the pool, and well done on perfecting your tumble turns!

    Love the pictures! The pool does indeed look inviting ... nice clear water, smooth calm surface and even an end in sight! Unlike the sea ... yes, I'm mad!! Sometimes the sea looks like the picture with the bike!!


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