Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day 15 - The Wind In Your Face

We got up early this morning as we needed to go to the butchers in town, we needed to replenish our meet stocks as we had run out of chicken, steak, and sausages. Since last summer we have decided to support our local produce and we've noticed the taste factor to. OK we may miss out on the 2 for 1 offers etc but why buy more its only going to waste as you don't really want it. We decided to buy our fruit and veg local too so we filled our boots with fresh produce. We had managed to spend £30 but that will definitely last us over a month. We got home about 12ish so I decided to have lunch and go out at 3pm for my long(ish) run.

Watch charged, shuffle charged nothing was going to delay me going out today. I decided I was going to do a route Ive done before, Its a really nice one, well parts of it are, as you go through a forest. First part is an urban as you run alongside a pretty busy road as its a route into town then you cut off down a lane into the forest. Its a slow uphill all the way through but as its a gradual you don't really notice it. If you can get a routine going your fine. I normally get into my stride quite quickly but since I've run the route they have put to gates in place! So I had to stop, open the gate and then close it so this broke my rhythm and effected my time... a little... Well that's my excuse!

Legs felt good all they way around, and I'm really surprise as Ive never run or exercised 15 days on the bounce so I'm pretty chuffed - Roll on tomorrow, Its bike time!

Todays session

Duration 01 09 52
Distance 7.94 miles
Calories 1135
Max HR 171BPM

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  1. With all that bounce thought you would have hurdled the gate! Seriously well done on 15 days I agree with you buying local is the way forward or grow your own


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