Friday, 14 January 2011

Day 14 - I Love Easy Run Days

Ive looked forward to todays run all week, the easy run day! I felt great today after last nights wet tri session the only think that was going to hurt today was my brain as I was on this course all day.

Got home from this course about 5pm and got changed pretty sharpish to go out for the run, switch my shuffle on and switched on the Garmin only to find out the battery was dead. This meant I had to go back in and plug it in and wait for 30 minutes for it to charge, I must of left in on last night after downloading the run info. This delayed me till 5:30, I still felt good so I didn't mind the wait. Garmin charged and off I went, not a rain cloud in sight!. I made alot of effort tonight as I knew the quicker I did it the quicker I can sit on the sofa and put my feet up and the weekend can start. Here I am now... Roll on the lie in tomorrow! YAY \o/

I uploaded a new album to the shuffle - Paul Oakenfold - Greatest hits Track Listings I only listened to 30 minutes and its great for running. I recommend it!

Todays session

Distance 00 27 44
Duration 3.4 Miles
Calories 483
Max HR 168 BPM


  1. Definitely thinking about plans for after the run helps me to speed up too. Usually food in my case!


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