Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 12 - Horizontal Rain

Well its rained all day and its till raining now, It hasn't got any lighter and the wind has only picked up so I knew I should have got up at 6am to squeeze a run in, but it didn't happen did it.

I got home from work about 5pm so I decided to go out then, It was only a tempo run so stay in Zone 4 (160PBM) I wanted to get it over and done with but tonight was a rest run. Once I was out there it was fine... well sort off. I got to the the 3 mile marker (the point of no return) and the heavens really opened and I had about a mile and half of horizontal run, running into the wind and the rain smashing my face, lovely stuff!

Heart Rates from both runs



I managed to keep under the 160 on today run apart from the last 1 minute as its up hill, it was lashing down and I just wanted to get home. Simular time though and I feel pretty good. Roll on next weeks zonal run :)

Lastly - I managed to listen to the final bit running trax 2 - I'd stay clear of that one.. Its crap!

Todays session

Duration 01 00 51
Distance 6.57 miles
Calories 923
Max HR 165BPM


  1. Good run there... I have to say, I'm always a little envious of the number of calories you burn... it's a female thing! :-)

  2. Ive eatten like a horse (and maybe like a pig) all Christmas so im happy to burn them off!


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