Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 11 - Swim Session Number 2

I was glad for the running rest today and hit the pool for some lane swimming. Ive been looking on You Tube to master my arms and stroke and my wife tells me I look neater which must be good. The water was warmer than the last time I remember so I could of had a nice relaxing soak if it wasn't for the kids swimming lesson in the next lane. I started with 2 x 100 warm ups with a pull buoy and a kick board and my legs were burning from that so I was dreading the remainder of the session!

I got straight into the mix and decided to do 100 sets with 45 - 60 seconds rest between sets and that worked well for me.

I made sure I was only a hour in the pool so I had to work hard to get the full 1800 meters in, I think for the future I keep to the hour session and cram as many meters in as possible.

It was good to feel pain in my shoulders tonight rather than my legs - Roll on tomorrow back to hitting the tarmac. YAY \o/

Todays session

Pool lane swim - 1800 meters
Duration - 01 00 00


  1. It must feel good to have a break from the running. I'm always planning to take up swiming but never get around to it.

  2. This post has realllly made me fancy a long swim session...hm mighht have to do that friday. Great time/distance.


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