Monday, 10 January 2011

Day 10 - 1st Elite Session Of The Year

First Monday training session of the year and they decided to break us in with a "around the world" which is a 7.5 mile run. I'm the slowest by far so I had a thought I'd be left behind in the rain but I'm chuffed, I kept up and I think its partly down to this Janothon! :) so thank you!

We left the "out laws" today at 2pm today so I've been sat in a car for 3 hours this afternoon, I slept in and mist breakfast and all I had for lunch was some cheese on toast so I was starving.. and we had no sweets in the car!.

We got home about 5pm and before running tonight this wife insisted we took down the Christmas decorations, i have to leave the house by 5:30 to make the 6pm running start, you women are funny things of all the times to take them down.

Anyway I managed to get down for the 6pm start and only a small amount of people turned up so the guy in charged decided we would do a "QUICK" 7 miles! After thinking this is going to be not much fun, I really enjoyed it!

Todays session

Distance 7.36 Miles
Duration 01 03 13
Calories 1049
Max HR 179 BPM


  1. Well done on marking it out there! I'd say with a 5:30 deadline to get out the door for your 6pm start, I'd say taking down the decorations at 5pm gives you an added focus on get it done quickly!

  2. LOL - when we want something done, we want it done now! Great mileage - what's the elite training group training for then?

  3. The group are training for the Paris Marathon and and Wales Ironman. They are training for a under 3 hour marathon! I have no chance of hitting that!

  4. WOW - under 3 hours....


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